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Inform ChatBot

We have built several modules to show the scope and functionality of our chatbot services within Facebook Messenger.  These are for demonstration purposes only and will be fully developed to meet your exact requirements within your chosen channel (eg. Facebook Messenger, SMS, Webchat, Twitter, Amazon Alexa etc).  They will enable you to self-serve and answer an example range of frequently asked questions and tasks (please see panel below).

  • From your Smartphone open Facebook Messenger
  • In the search bar type My Council then click on the My Council icon
  • Engage with the ChatBot by using the short cuts (Apply/Report) or clicking in the box and either typing in questions/comments (guidelines in the table below), or clicking the microphone icon (if available) to use the speech to text function of your smartphone (please note if you use the microphone you will need to click the arrow after you have spoken the words to enter the data)

Alternatively you can put: http://bit.ly/my-council  in your mobile’s browser.

Inform Virtual Assistant

Dial 0330 808 2070 and you can either self-serve or ask for any service/department/name.  Please note the service will be able to list all employees by name and/or title along with their respective direct dial numbers.  For the demonstration you can ask for:

William Smith, Bill Smith, Mr Smith

Christine James, Chrissie James, Chris James, Miss James, Mrs James

Sadiq Khan, Mr Khan

The Customer Service Manager, The Contact Centre Manager, Customer Services

The Head of Revenues and Benefits, The Council Tax Manager, The Benefits Manager

You can also use the guidelines in the table below to ask your question / state comments.

Subject Example questions / comments

(you can use similar words or ways of saying this)

Students and council tax I’m a student do I have to pay council tax?

Do I qualify for a student exemption?

How do I apply for student exemption?

Do I get anything off my council tax if I live alone?

Waste and Environmental Services You’ve not collected my bin

You’ve missed my bin

Why haven’t you collected my bin?

When is my bin collection day?

Do you collect refuse or recycling bins this week?

I’ve got some furniture I want to get rid of

Can you collect my old wardrobe?

Do you charge for collecting a fridge?

Someone’s dumped some rubbish in the street

How do I report fly-tipping?

Highways There’s a big pothole on the A30

I’d like to report a pothole

There’s a big hole in the road outside our house


For further information on how we can provide a bespoke multi-channel support service from UNDER £16,000, contact us:

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