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Cambridge City Council


We spoke to other councils that achieved significant reductions in call volumes before we signed up with Inform Communications. The projects started as a pilot project, and going forward we have received a lot of help and support form them. It wasn’t just put in and forgotten about, through fine tuning we were able to achieve significant reductions. The changes to system are done quickly and we are looking forward how Inform will help us to integrate artificial intelligence, web services and chatbots. Their solution gave us exactly the results we were looking for in terms of call volume reduction and Channel Shift.

Jonathan James Evans, Head of Customer Services at Cambridge City Council



Bristol City Council

..Informs Client Support team has an unusual mix of operational experience and technical expertise that has proved vital in successfully implementing and growing our services. Our use of the service is still evolving as it is fine-tuned to match our needs and we have built a good working relationship with the Inform team who always respond to our requirements in a timely and professional manner. By reducing the volume of calls our Contact Centre receives for some service areas by up to 30%, Self Service has proven to be a valuable tool in our channel shift strategy.

Simon Evans, Service Development Manager


edinburgh logo smallCity of Edinburgh Council
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The service has been a roaring success in terms of providing 24/7 customer service, resolving large volumes of calls and releasing resources – so we are now operating with less FTE’s than last year. Due to the high volume of calls received by our Revenues and Benefits department, we needed to be confident that any support system could handle peaks and troughs in demand. Self Service has exceeded our expectations and I am confident our customers are able to access or leave accurate information 24 hours a day. Having successfully answered over 173,000 enquiries in the first six months, Self Service has provided invaluable support to our Contact Centre and bridged the gap between customer demand and available resources.

Head of Revenues & Benefits at City of Edinburgh Council



guildford logo smallGuildford Borough Council
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Self Service has delivered substantial cost and efficiency savings within Revenues and Benefits at Guildford Borough Council.  The solution from Inform has exceeded our expectations, successfully resolving over 65% of calls and releasing our advisors to assist with greater numbers of vulnerable callers.  As an integral part of our Channel Shift Strategy, Self Service has reduced calls in the Contact Centre, enabled us to increase productivity in both front and back office and offer an improved level of customer service round the clock. Inform’s unique mix of technical and operational expertise has been a key factor in the development of the service. I am confident Self Service has played a vital role in getting the delicate balance right between delivering excellent customer service and good business benefits.

Steve White, Executive Head of Finance

sandwell logo smallSandwell Metropolitan Council
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Self Service has played a crucial part in our call handling strategy and we are pleased to announce we will be extending our partnership with Inform Communications for another year. Since implementation the service has answered approximately 23,000 calls per month and successfully retained and resolved 62% of these enquiries, providing the equivalent work of 12 F.T.E’s.  The cost and efficiency gains we have made within our Revenues and Benefits call                                                                   centre have been considerable. Coupled with this is the greatly improved 24/7 service to our customers, who can now access Revenues and Benefits                                                                                         information round the clock without waiting in lengthy queues or being told we are closed.

Ian Hubball, Revenues and Benefits Manager

tower hamlets logo smallLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets
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…Self Service has played a crucial part in our call handling strategy, providing customers with 24/7 service access, and handling over 50% of enquiries without agent’s involvement.  This has greatly improved our service to customers who can now access information at a time convenient to them without waiting in lengthy queues or being told we are closed.  In addition, agents take only the calls that need their expertise, and a greater number are resolved at first point of contact.

Steve Hill, Benefits Manager

Our Revenues team have been using the Crisys system for over 15 years. Our managers as well as our lone workers have felt the benefit of this system over the years. It has provided a safety net for everyone in the team – our lone workers felt safer and their managers could leave their desks in the knowledge that in the event of any emergency escalation the Crisys system would contact them immediately on their mobile phones. We review our lone worker safety monitoring requirements annually in line with our risk assessments and are happy that the Crisys system continues to meet our needs.

Steve Hart, Service Manager (NNDR)- Shared Services, Haringey Council “


Crisys is an important part of our health and safety duty to staff. Our lone workers feel reassured that should something go wrong on a home visit alerts will be raised and acted upon.”

Jane Stanfield, Carer Services Manager – Carers Gloucestershire


“My team includes front line staff who often work alone in very rural/wild areas of countryside, and can be in vulnerable situations. We needed a lone worker support solution that was accessible at week-ends and night-time as well as during office hours. Crisys works for us as it is stand-alone, straightforward to use and flexible in respect of changing staff – it does of course require a phone signal and that’s something to check in rural areas. This system is effective, affordable and backs up our health and safety policies.” 

Chris Edwards, Manager – Quantock Hills AONB Team




“We have teams of front line staff who work alone, sometimes on a 24/7 basis, and can be in vulnerable situations. We had robust practices and control measures in place for the in-office hours periods but needed a lone worker support solution for out-of-office hours. We chose Crisys. This system is user friendly, effective and quick to implement. It is also affordable and supports our health and safety policies.”  

Geraldine Sabini, Finance Manager




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