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School Admissions

The School Admissions Self Service is designed to provide key information and guidance 24/7 assisting parents and the Council in what is a very challenging period.  Recognising that support is critical and the time lines are limited, Self Service can be bespoke to your exact specifications.  The service will handle most enquiries and some examples of the help and guidance provided are as follows:

  • How to apply or accept an offer for a school place
  • If you have a query with an application you have already submitted
  • School waiting lists
  • Received an offer for a school that was not your preferred choice
  • Appeal process
  • Admission closing dates
  • Find schools in your local area
  • Free school meals, School transport or School term dates

Key dates for Admission in 2017/2018

Application round opens Closing date for applications Notification date for on-time applicants
Starting School (Year R) October 2017 January 2018 March 2018
Transfer to Junior school (Year 3) October 2017 January 2018 March 2018
Transfer to secondary school (Year 7) October 2017 31 October 2017 March 2018
Applying for a place in another year group Parents to submit applications before 6 June 2017 Schools will consider applications from 6 June 2017 6 June 2017 onwards


For further information on how we can provide a bespoke multi-channel support service from UNDER £10,000, please provide your contact details.

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