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Customer requirements and business processes evolve quickly and your approach may be lagging behind, you may be wasting money and losing your competitive edge.   As industry leaders in Channel Shift and Self Service solutions we provide critical Consultancy in Channel Shift, go Digital and Self Service processes linking the front office enquiry receipt to the back office processing.

We provide a comprehensive library of “off the shelf” products, tried and tested and available for immediate use.  These include:

  • A complete Electronic Form suite personalisable, standalone or integratable
  • Comprehensive Self Service scripts for all Local Authority departments, incorporating channelling recommendations, supporting architecture, data collection modules and agent assist gateways.
  • Professional short term support for installation and set-up.
  • SIP channels for improved call flow and ISDN reductions
  • Stand-alone proactive SMS services critical in reaching out to your customers and reducing outbound mail and telephone call contact.
  • Integratable SMS for Digital form linkage and information linkage

With over 25 years’ experience working with Local Government Inform Communications know your business and can assist you to meet the challenging demands financially and operationally in service delivery to your customers.

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