Enhanced Analytics

Our enhanced Analytics are designed to provide the most in-depth analysis of service performances. The reports are constructed to provide a two tier production, Operational and Managerial, enabling a comprehensive overview as well as the ability to drill down into specific details. Available via the online portal, they can be downloaded for integration or produced in pdf for immediate presentation. Full graphics are standard as well completely customisable time bars.

Operational Reports

The content and structure provides in-depth data on all areas including:

  • Volumes
  • Categories
  • Enquiry lengths
  • Call behaviour
  • Dominant paths
  • SMS usage
  • Transfers from and to destinations
  • And more

Available in real time, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly, this report provides the data to determine and evolve service approach, development and performance in all areas.

Managerial Reports

Our managerial reports are designed to provide critical data for management to understand key performance areas at a glance. Summary total data and percentages are included as well as graphical information, percentages and trends. Available hourly, daily, weekly and monthly these reports will give you everything you need at a glance.

The Managerial report suite also has the capability to produce ad-hoc support data as standard and to support financial components of self-service call lengths, call length with agents and total call lengths.

We understand that service success requires the right reporting support as and when you need it!

Managerial report example

Enhanced Analytics

Bespoke Chatbot Reports

Our Chatbot reports provide real time data for all engagements, both informational and transactional. Tracking sessions and enquiry types, these reports provide real time development options to meet the growing demands of customers seeking answers to more varied enquiries and information.

Capturing this key data in real time gives you the option of approving service requests and non-standard requests that will improve the growing chatbot functionality and capability.

Chatbot report example

Enhanced Analytics

Transcription Reports

Available in real time, these reports provide details of all transactional requests captured, both by category and content. This key aspect facilitates the monitor of and action of data captured that is either downloaded or integrated into agreed client service areas.

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