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Chatbot FAQ

What is the cost for a typical Chatbot build and deployment?2019-01-07T12:50:09+01:00
This is dependant on the build size and functionality but a standard build and usage for a year should start from £15,000.
Do we have to provide the knowledge base to support the Chatbot or is this provided by Inform?2019-01-07T12:49:43+01:00
With over 25 years experience in building and providing comprehensive intelligent IVR we have a significant knowledge base that is utilised to build successful Chatbots.
How easy is it to update the Chatbot content?2019-01-07T12:48:58+01:00
All our Chatbots are hosted and managed and we update change requests within 5 working days and sooner for urgent requirements.  This is included in the provision.
Can the Chatbot send text confirmation of enquiry receipt?2019-01-07T12:48:28+01:00
Yes, this can be undertaken as a text immediately to a mobile and an email to a mail box where contact details are left.
Is the Chatbot just text or can it also allow speech to text as well?2019-01-07T12:47:54+01:00
It can do both and interact freely between each facility
Can the Chatbot link to our on-line services to support the digital drive?2019-01-07T12:47:21+01:00
Yes, this can easily be undertaken by using the URL’s supporting your on-line presence.  The Chatbot can also capture any data required real time.
How long does it take to build a Chatbot?2019-01-07T12:46:48+01:00
This depends on the build size but typically this can be ready to deploy in 6 weeks.
What level of usage should I expect?2019-01-07T12:46:15+01:00
This will vary according to the service area and Chatbot build.  However, based on IVR data the target usage should be incremental from 30% migration upwards.
Where should a Chatbot be deployed?2019-01-07T12:45:38+01:00
There are 3 main areas where the Chatbot can be initially deployed:
  1. On Social Media pages via Facebook and Twitter
  2. On web sites supporting Chat Lines and linked to designated areas
  3. Via text links provided through meet and greet IVR
How does the bot work with GDPR and data security?2019-01-15T10:47:06+01:00

Informs chatbots are GDPR regulations compatible and you can read more on our GDPR policy here

Does our bot integrate with other chat providers?2019-01-07T11:55:31+01:00

Maybe. Does it have api access?  Find zapier and integromat list of live chat providers. Look at the handover protocol from Facebook and how that can be used.

How long does a chatbot deployment take?2019-01-07T11:55:06+01:00

Depends on the build but typically 8-12 weeks with no integration. With integration will take longer

How does a bot compare to a real agent?2019-01-07T11:54:35+01:00

The discussion on whether chatbots are the future of customer service has been around ever since this technology has been introduced in the business world. Though there are no doubts about the fact that chatbots are going to make a huge impact in the coming future when it comes to customer engagement. But does that mean that human chat agents are a thing of the past?
There are many people in the industry that would actually say yes. There are certain aspects where chatbots have an advantage over human beings.

Some of these advantages are –

Knowledge of Many Languages
Chatbots can be programmed to communicate in multiple languages so they can be used to attend website visitors from several countries.

Can Handle Unlimited Chats
Unlike their human counterparts, chatbots can handle an unlimited amount of chats at the same time and can communicate with every single one of them effectively. Although human agents can handle multiple chats at the same time, they still have their limitations.

Faster Response Time
Chatbots respond faster to chat request compared to live agents. An agent might be busy chatting with other customers and their response may get delayed because of it. Chatbots do not have that problem.

Cost Effective
Since chatbots can handle multiple chats in multiple languages, many companies are replacing their live chat agents with these bots as they are more cost-effective.
Chatbots are not perfect though and they come with some drawbacks of their own.
Here are some of their disadvantages –

Lack of Human Touch
Not all customers are going to be excited about bots. There are many that are used to having human contact when they need assistance and would like to chat with a real human being that can show empathy and be relatable. Chatbots cannot do that.

Reply to Specific Questions
Chatbots can only help a customer if they ask the right questions. If a customer asks anything that is not pre-programmed into the bot, the bot cannot help them. Also, if a question is misspelled by the customer, the chatbot cannot understand it and cannot respond to it.

Live Chat Agents
Live chat agents have been the soul of the non-voice customer services processes. Even though technology is rapidly advancing, many believe that replacing these agents is not an option. Customer service is a field that will always require a human approach to truly satisfy any customer’s needs.

Check Out Some Benefits of Live Chat Agents

Ability to Show Empathy
When there is a human to human interaction, there is scope for showing empathy. Empathy plays a vital role in customer service and only human agents can truly understand the feelings of the customers and relate to them.

Improved Quality

The conversation between a bot and a human is always going to be limited. The quality of conversation between a human being and your customer will always be higher.

Just like the bots, live chat agents also have their drawbacks. After all, human beings are not always perfect.

Here are some shortcomings of live chat agents

Slower Response Time
As stated in the advantages point of chatbots, the response time of human beings is less than that of bots.

24*7 Availability Difficult
Since live chat agents are human beings and cannot work 24*7, there may be some downtime in your online chat.

I believe that bots, as well as live agents, are going to be important for the future of chat support services. Bots definitely add to the efficiency of the chat channel. Human agents will always be an integral part of chat support as they can show empathy, connect with customers on an emotional level and give customers a feeling of comfort.

I have great expectations for the direction that Chat Bots will take the customer experience. Automation is not necessarily something to be afraid of, as long as human thought processes are at its heart.