Planning ChatBot

The Inform Planning Chatbot is the answer to the challenges all Councils face in dealing with large enquiry volumes for a wide range of issues such as:

  • Planning Advice
  • Permitted Development Rights
  • Payments/Fees
  • Comment on Applications
  • Alleged Breach

Solution Benefits & Performance

  • Respond to 100% of all initial enquiries instantly 24/7/365 without agent intervention via Speech or Text
  • Provide true Omni-Channel capability  – Telephone, SMS, Mobile Web and Web-Chat, FaceBook, Messenger and Twitter channels via the same central application
  • Channel Shifts customers from telephone and email enquiries to digital completion seamlessly supporting flexible communication expansion
  • Migrate customers via integrated SMS and promotes Web sites
  • Link to Self Service solutions, Digital Forms and Information Portals
  • Free up key agent time by reducing enquiries to agents, reducing costs without compromising Customer Experiences

 Solution Functionality

Key features included are as follows:

  • All on-line enquiries automatically handled by the Chatbot
  • Supports Chat Lines by answering all initial enquiries
  • SMS as standard linking to the Chatbot and On-Line forms within an IVR enabled meet and greet provision
  • Comprehensive Analytics support module as standard
  • Integrated links to e-forms
  • Links to Payment lines
  • Links to your Website
  • Access to a skilled advisor at your discretion within the enquiry handle
  • Scalable to exact requirements and supported by a substantial knowledge based system

The Inform Planning Chatbot is designed to answer all enquiries instantly 24/7/365. 

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