Chatbot Demos – Revolutionising Customer Experiences

There is an expectation and demand now from citizens to be able to interact real time 24/7/365 convenient to their life style and choice of time to want and do their business.  Citizens no longer want to navigate complex websites or mobile apps to find the information they are looking for. This expectation is putting a lot of pressure on businesses and service providers.  The expectation cascade is not unique to the private sector and Central Government departments as well as Local Government departments are also in the service expectation vision of users.

The demand for service provision via messaging apps provides a strategy to use Inform Chatbots, creating a private channel with your users.  This approach using artificial intelligence in business and service provision is getting significant traction and evolving quickly.

The Inform service build is knowledge and fact based and provides clear information and interactive engagements which are easy to use and non-judgemental.  With over 50% of telephone enquiries and 90% of web site enquiries being of the same nature the Inform Chatbot provides the ideal solution, answering enquiries real time rather than the typical telephone delays so many experience and the 10 working days for mail or 24 hours later by email.

Key aspects of the service build that are viewed positively are:

  • Mobile technology combined with affordable on demand computing power
  • Clear and simple customer engagement – simplifying and personalising the customer experience
  • Natural language processing
  • Form link and completion assistance
  • Customer feedback
  • Advance notifications
  • Advice and informational relevance as well as transactional provision
  • Full Chat line support prior to agent requirements
  • Lower development times (4-6 weeks) combined with quick and easy enquiry handling
  • Comprehensive Analytics module

Inform Chatbots can make interaction and enquiry handling simple and easy to use and improve the customer experience whilst increasing channel shift migration from traditional contact methods such as telephone and open email delivered at a more competitive price ratio to enquiry and subsequent resolution.

Data can be easily integrated in CRM programs which will keep your citizens returning to this method of communication and engagement reducing the stresses and costs on your traditional contact routes and reducing agent requirements for enquiry handling.

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