How To Make a Chatbot Likeable

What Makes a Chatbot Likeable? All chatbot developers should be aiming to design and build chatbots that are both personable and likeable. Unless you have a very specific goal in mind, an unlikeable chatbot will alienate users and ensure they steer clear of the technology in the future. This begs the question – what makes a chatbot likeable? Here, we [...]

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IT Strategy vs. Digital Strategy: What’s The Difference?

If your business already has an IT strategy in place but is now beginning to develop a digital strategy, there may be questions as to what each strategy should encompass? What goes in digital and what’s included in IT? Here, we try to provide you with a comprehensive answer to a complex question – what is the difference between [...]

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How To Make RPA Technology Work For Your Organisation

In recent years, greater adoption of digital technologies by businesses and Local Authorities has allowed these organisations to both cut costs and improve the customer experience. However, one of the most popular, emerging strategies for both public and private sector organisations is now RPA. Here, we take a look at what RPA technology is and how to leverage it [...]

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Transforming Attitudes To Digital Within Your Organisation

Both businesses and public sector organisations are having to adopt new digital technologies and strategies at a remarkable rate in order to keep up with the demands of modern customers. However, these organisations often experience some resistance to this process of change from their own employees. Here, we take a look at five ways you can transform such attitudes and [...]

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Channel Shift and CRM Integration: 5 Best Practice Rules to Get It Right First Time

Customers prefer businesses that they can trust and, as we all know, trust is earned not given. Customer trust is dependent on a business' ability to act in authentic, empathetic, and reliable ways. In other words, a customer's trust and loyalty are earned by appealing to them in a manner that is more than transactional. It can't solely be about [...]

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AI and Agents Working in Harmony: 7 Steps to Success

To many modern customer service employees, AI is a problematic idea. In most cases, this is because AI agents have long been thought of as operating in opposition to human agents. It’s one or the other. A battle for survival. The stereotypical concern is that AI is here to take over jobs. However, in a healthy, high-performance contact centre, AI [...]

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Set up and Go? Why Automation Still Needs Your Attention

In all types of automated software, bugs and defects are both common and inevitable. As much as developers would like their creations to be entirely error-free, there are too many variables and inputs for this to happen. It’s why testing and maintenance are essential features of any successful digital implementation process. They weed out mistakes in an automated process and [...]

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Why Free Chatbot Software Isn’t An Adequate Business Solution

If you’re considering integrating a chatbot into your customer service system, you may have considered utilising free chatbot software. While it’s a popular choice for amateur enthusiasts, it’s not always appropriate when it comes to professional services. Here, we take a look at what it offers and why it’s not an adequate business solution on its own. The best thing [...]

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What is a Smart City? A Quick Guide

The idea of the smart city has been around for a considerable amount of time. It has been explored in works of science fiction, political theory, and cinema, but usually as a distant possibility, in a future world marked by rapid and radical technological progress. However, smart city ideas and technologies are already at work in many urban environments across [...]

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5G Technology – A beginner’s guide

As the pace of technological development increases, it seems as though the next generational leap in wireless networking technologies is never too far away. 5G technology is the latest step in our journey to create ever-more powerful networks that are capable of increasingly speedy connections. This new technology could result in drastic changes to the way local governments deliver their [...]

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