Customer Experience Metrics: What You Should Be Measuring

If you’re to improve the customer experience, it’s first necessary to identify those aspects of your customer service system that are performing below expectations. To do this, the system’s performance must be gauged using metrics that truly reveal something about the customer experience. Here, we take a look at four of the most important customer experience metrics for your telephony [...]

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How to Make Sure Your Chatbot Is GDPR Compliant

Chatbots are becoming an increasingly important feature of customer service provision. In part, this is due to their ability to collect and process valuable customer data for use by human agents or to provide automated solutions to customer service issues. However, this data collection capacity means that chatbots must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here, we examine [...]

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Set up and Go? Why Automation Still Needs Your Attention

In all types of automated software, bugs and defects are both common and inevitable. As much as developers would like their creations to be entirely error-free, there are too many variables and inputs for this to happen. It’s why testing and maintenance are essential features of any successful digital implementation process. They weed out mistakes in an automated process and [...]

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How to Reduce Your Call Abandonment Rate – in 15 Steps

A high call abandonment rate is one of the most significant problems encountered in modern contact centres. At a time when customer satisfaction is such an important consideration for businesses of all types and sizes, having a high abandonment rate is an indication that not all is as healthy as it should be. Generally, an abandonment rate of 5% or [...]

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Omnichannel Analytics – a Guide to Measuring Success

Developing a carefully considered omnichannel strategy is quickly becoming a priority for many business and local government organisations across the country. However, without a way of measuring its performance, there’s no way to know if it’s as effective as hoped - or even if it’s having an impact at all. Here we take a look at how analytics can help [...]

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5G Technology – A beginner’s guide

As the pace of technological development increases, it seems as though the next generational leap in wireless networking technologies is never too far away. 5G technology is the latest step in our journey to create ever-more powerful networks that are capable of increasingly speedy connections. This new technology could result in drastic changes to the way local governments deliver their [...]

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Data Protection Officers: What You Need To Know

With the countdown to GDPR implementation day inching into its final stages, many organisations are still unaware of the potential consequences of this influential document. One of the main areas in which many organisations find themselves unprepared is that of appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The creation of this important role will be obligatory for many organisations, yet there [...]

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