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Why Free Chatbot Software Isn’t An Adequate Business Solution

If you’re considering integrating a chatbot into your customer service system, you may have considered utilising free chatbot software. While it’s a popular choice for amateur enthusiasts, it’s not always appropriate when it comes to professional services. Here, we take a look at what it offers and why it’s not an adequate business solution on [...]

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What is a Smart City? A Quick Guide

The idea of the smart city has been around for a considerable amount of time. It has been explored in works of science fiction, political theory, and cinema, but usually as a distant possibility, in a future world marked by rapid and radical technological progress. However, smart city ideas and technologies are already at work [...]

Inform 360 Smartbot – Artificial Intelligence with a Human Touch

  The Rise and Rise of Chatbots …and how they can help UK Councils to achieve Digital Transformation   According to analyst firm Gartner, the usage of Chatbots (called virtual customer assistants by Gartner) will triple through 2019 as enterprises seek to increase customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. Source: “Seven Decision Points for Success [...]

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