Enquiry Processing Time: 10 Ways To Halve It In 2018

Whether you work in the public or private sector, there’s always a need to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to and resolve enquiries. Though five working days is commonly quoted as a good turnaround target for enquiries, the process can often run to ten working days or even longer. Not only [...]

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The Queue Waiting Game (And Why It Doesn’t Have To Happen)

We’ve all experienced the Queue Waiting Game. We all understand the frustrations of being on hold, hoping for a break in the hold music, waiting for the voice of the customer services representative to come through on the other end. Queueing can be boring, frustrating, enraging, maddening, tear-inducing and can prompt incredibly strong reactions. Consequently, [...]

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How Chatbots Can Revolutionise The Student/Local Government Relationship

For anyone interested in customer service technology and the innovative ways in which businesses are interacting with customers, the concept of chatbots will be familiar. Having become a much-hyped piece of digital tech in recent years, we wanted to take a look at the ways in which chatbots may revolutionise a very particular relationship: that [...]

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