How to Increase Digital Take Up

Recent polls indicate that over 65% of customers now contact council’s using a smartphone and this provides a natural gateway to use. Initiatives such as automatic SMS receipt with guidance to portals and websites should be used as well as easy to use meet and greet IVR giving key information and providing windows for data drop and embedded SMS for form and portal link. 24/7 provision should be standard and services should be dynamically changed to accommodate the changing call types received through the year.

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How to ease the burden of Main Billing

Every year most councils go through the challenging task of dealing with the significant impact of Main Billing. Whether telephone calls are received in the Call Centre or in the back office, as soon as the bills hit the mat the lines light up and the pressurized cooker feeling commences. For many this continues through to the issue of first Reminder making realistically the first two to three months unbearable.

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