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Complete Channel Shift and Customer Contact Self-Service Solutions

Inform Communications have been providing channel shift and customer contact solutions for over 25 years. Our expert team can help you transform your business and communications processes, streamline and improve the customer experience, reduce your overheads and increase efficiency.

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Inform Communications Ltd is offering a Complete Set of Services

ChatBots and Virtual Agents – The Future

Our integrated Artificial Intelligence Bots are designed to save interaction time with your live agents. Versatile real time interaction 24/7 for your citizens with data capture and integration into your back-office via a comprehensive suite of API’s.

We have the following full demos available:
Council Tax                        Environmental
Parking                                Benefits
Registrations                     Planning
Students                             Elections

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Omni Channel Self Service

We provide integration of mobile applications, SMS and Web service connectors for enriched user experience

What our customers are saying

We’re proud to provide market leading technology and operational support

Cambridge City Council

Please see what Cambridge City Council say about using our Self Service solutions and benefits.

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City of Edinburgh

Roaring success in terms of providing 24/7 customer service. I am confident our customers are able to access or leave accurate information 24 hours a day.

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Sandwell Metropolitan Council

Since implementation the service has answered approximately 23,000 calls per month and successfully retained and resolved 62% of these enquiries, providing the equivalent work of 12 F.T.E’s.

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Save time and money

A complete Departmental Telephony and integrated SMS Self Service set up in just 4 – 6 weeks and a complete Intent Driven Chatbot set up in just 12 weeks.
It is time to realise the full savings potential combined with improved 24/7 Customer Service Delivery.

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