Are you getting too many emails and using too much of your agents time in replying?  Have you invested heavily in on-line forms but they are not being utilised fully?  Are you finding bespoke on-line forms are too costly to build and integration is minimal!  Do you want a unified Omni channel self-service for your customers?  


Part of the Inform Communications Channel Shift Self Service solution is a comprehensive Digital suite providing on-line support to the Interactive Self Service. The service delivery is designed to complement the Telephony module and provide customers with instant consistent information and routing to interactive digital forms.


The Digital service is built from the success of the Interactive Telephony Self Service solution providing immediate information and online forms. It is fully customisable and capable of dealing with over 90% of all enquiries received by either Email or via your Website 24/7/365, removing the need for your agents to waste valuable time replying to these enquiries ‘manually’.


Some of the Key Service components are


  • Connectivity to email gateways removing the option of open email receipt
  • Comprehensive bespoke web based menus for all enquiries
  • Comprehensive answers to all enquiries and connectivity to Council/Agent web site
  • Fully integrated Digital forms for next step transaction by customers
  • Connectivity to existing Digital forms enabling greater migration and usage
  • Integration options for all data and information captured
  • Connectivity via SMS within the Telephony Service to enhance multi-channel communication options and Channel shift migration to Digital
  • Flexible “Notifications” for customers to handle process time expectations
  • Full Analytics suite to monitor customer behaviour and development requirements


The service includes a complete library of integrated forms as well as the functionality to link to your forms for a seamless provision. In addition non-standard enquiries can be quickly identified. The service is fully supported by a comprehensive Analytics reporting tool giving you all the data and information you need in supporting your strategy for channel shift migration.


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