How to Develop the Perfect Omnichannel Strategy

The idea of developing an omnichannel strategy is popular amongst business and organisations, who recognise new technologies have resulted in dramatic shifts in the way individuals interact and use services. New customer behaviours are radically altering the way organisations communicate, reach out to these individuals, and ensure the services they provide are meeting expectations. A [...]

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Lone Worker Risk Assessment Checklist

Around 8 million people in the UK are classified as lone workers and exposed to variety of risks that need to be assessed and mitigated against if their safety is to be assured, so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so. Employers have a Duty of Care to each and everyone of their [...]

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14 Challenges Of Chatbot Implementation (and How To Overcome Them)

“Alexa, what’s the best way to deal with the challenges faced when implementing Chatbots?” Don’t hold your breath, because you may be waiting for quite a while for Alexa, Cortana, or Siri to come back with an answer for that particular conundrum. Asking a chatbot how to deal with the challenges of implementing chatbots is [...]

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Local Government Digital Transformation: What’s Working Now

The ongoing process of digital transformation in local government is a key part of developing models for the coming years. As we move away from traditional ‘analogue’ methods of communication with customers and towards more digital, omni channel solutions, it pays occasionally to pause and take a look at what’s working elsewhere. The Enfield Effect [...]

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Chatbots: 8 Eye-Opening Statistics To Help You Convince Management

Attempts to integrate chatbots into a system or initiate any kind of digital change can encounter hurdles along the way. However, it’s often internal resistance that can prevent a fully integrated system from being introduced, rather than protests by irate customer. In fact, it’s more likely that users are quite happy to access your various [...]

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Why IVR should still be a key element in your Channel Shift strategy

IVR (Integrated Voice Recognition) systems are a daily part of user experiences every time they call a council contact number. Integrated telephony and user-friendly IVR can not only streamline your front-of-house operations, but it can instigate a far more sophisticated and efficient internal communications system, too. In turn, IVR can result in considerable cost savings, [...]

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