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The Impact Of AI On Jobs: How To Discuss With Your Staff

Technology is often a double edged sword – it offers incredible, game-changing benefits, but has its drawbacks too. As automation in the workplace increases, more and more workers are concerned about the effect AI is going to have on their jobs and employment in general. For managers, this is somewhat of a conundrum. To turn [...]

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Enquiry Processing Time: 10 Ways To Halve It In 2018

Whether you work in the public or private sector, there’s always a need to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to and resolve enquiries. Though five working days is commonly quoted as a good turnaround target for enquiries, the process can often run to ten working days or even longer. Not only [...]

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The Queue Waiting Game (And Why It Doesn’t Have To Happen)

We’ve all experienced the Queue Waiting Game. We all understand the frustrations of being on hold, hoping for a break in the hold music, waiting for the voice of the customer services representative to come through on the other end. Queueing can be boring, frustrating, enraging, maddening, tear-inducing and can prompt incredibly strong reactions. Consequently, [...]

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