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How to Develop the Perfect Omnichannel Strategy

The idea of developing an omnichannel strategy is popular amongst business and organisations, who recognise new technologies have resulted in dramatic shifts in the way individuals interact and use services. New customer behaviours are radically altering the way organisations communicate, reach out to these individuals, and ensure the services they provide are meeting expectations. A [...]

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The Impact Of AI On Jobs: How To Discuss With Your Staff

Technology is often a double edged sword – it offers incredible, game-changing benefits, but has its drawbacks too. As automation in the workplace increases, more and more workers are concerned about the effect AI is going to have on their jobs and employment in general. For managers, this is somewhat of a conundrum. To turn [...]

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How local councils should be using Facebook in 2018

With the development of online communications and social networks, local councils have been forced to operate on an increasingly large number of communication channels. As well as maintaining traditional means of communication, they’ve had to deal with a proliferation of ever-evolving online platforms in order to stay relevant and accessible. One of the ways they’ve [...]

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Data Protection Officers: What You Need To Know

With the countdown to GDPR implementation day inching into its final stages, many organisations are still unaware of the potential consequences of this influential document. One of the main areas in which many organisations find themselves unprepared is that of appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The creation of this important role will be obligatory [...]

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Chatbots vs IVR: The Battle for Channel Shift

The question of whether the chatbot or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is the future of customer service provision is regularly raised. Both are being used to increase the number of access points available to service users and move them away from the less efficient communication channels of the past. Both are powerful tools. But [...]

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Enquiry Processing Time: 10 Ways To Halve It In 2018

Whether you work in the public or private sector, there’s always a need to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to and resolve enquiries. Though five working days is commonly quoted as a good turnaround target for enquiries, the process can often run to ten working days or even longer. Not only [...]

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The Queue Waiting Game (And Why It Doesn’t Have To Happen)

We’ve all experienced the Queue Waiting Game. We all understand the frustrations of being on hold, hoping for a break in the hold music, waiting for the voice of the customer services representative to come through on the other end. Queueing can be boring, frustrating, enraging, maddening, tear-inducing and can prompt incredibly strong reactions. Consequently, [...]

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How to Implement Channel Shift – A Complete Guide

Switching an organisation to a channel shift strategy can be a daunting prospect. From ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and data, to training staff and measuring results - the devil is truly in the detail. Use our complete, step-by-step guide to channel shift implementation to make sure all your bases are covered and your [...]

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Channel Shift In Local Government: What Councils Can Learn From Big Business

For years, the only way to query a bank transaction, pay a bill, request a statement, or any one of the hundreds of other everyday transactions people have with their banks was to physically walk into a branch, or pick up the phone. With the advent of digital transformations such as online portals, mobile banking, [...]

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A Quick Guide To Successful IVR Telephony

“Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for accounts…” – ah, the joys of automated response systems! But as much as people may claim to hate these computerised answer machines, the simple fact is that IVR telephony or Interactive Voice Response systems are incredibly useful for businesses, and make life much simpler for callers. They streamline [...]

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