The Queue Waiting Game (And Why It Doesn’t Have To Happen)

We’ve all experienced the Queue Waiting Game. We all understand the frustrations of being on hold, hoping for a break in the hold music, waiting for the voice of the customer services representative to come through on the other end. Queueing can be boring, frustrating, enraging, maddening, tear-inducing and can prompt incredibly strong reactions. Consequently, [...]

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How Chatbots Can Revolutionise The Student/Local Government Relationship

For anyone interested in customer service technology and the innovative ways in which businesses are interacting with customers, the concept of chatbots will be familiar. Having become a much-hyped piece of digital tech in recent years, we wanted to take a look at the ways in which chatbots may revolutionise a very particular relationship: that [...]

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How to Implement Channel Shift in Local Government – A Complete Guide

Switching a local government organisation to a channel shift strategy can be a daunting prospect. From ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and data, to training staff and measuring results - the devil is truly in the detail. Use our complete, step-by-step guide to channel shift for local government to make sure all your bases [...]

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Channel Shift In Local Government: What Councils Can Learn From Big Business

For years, the only way to query a bank transaction, pay a bill, request a statement, or any one of the hundreds of other everyday transactions people have with their banks was to physically walk into a branch, or pick up the phone. With the advent of digital transformations such as online portals, mobile banking, [...]

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A Quick Guide To Successful IVR Telephony

“Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for accounts…” – ah, the joys of automated response systems! But as much as people may claim to hate these computerised answer machines, the simple fact is that IVR telephony or Interactive Voice Response systems are incredibly useful for businesses, and make life much simpler for callers. They streamline [...]

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Chatbot Security – What You Need To Know

While human interaction seems to be on the decline, we appear much more inclined to talk to our tech. From Siri to Alexa, the machines are starting to answer back. Now, the commercial sector is taking on board the potential of Chatbots and incorporating them into their own networks, creating a better and more user-friendly [...]

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When Channel Shift Goes Wrong: Lessons From Local Councils

Channel shift strategies are already being implemented by most councils in the UK. By funnelling visitors towards digital services and away from face-to-face and phone interactions, councils can save money while improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Yet, despite the time and money councils are investing in channel shift, many initiatives are failing to deliver when [...]

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Real-time Monitoring

So, what exactly is it and how can it benefit you? Real-time monitoring refers to the software and processes that are put in place by Managers and Team Leaders to enable them to monitor what is happening within their teams and how customers interact and receive the information.  Monitoring performance in ‘real-time’ has major business [...]

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Lighten the Contact Centre

  Technology, technology, technology!  Does this sound familiar?  We are sure you are all being bombarded with this on a daily basis, the way of success if Digital. It is widely accepted that Digital enablers will assist you to meet the demands of your citizens and allow you to provide 24/7 access and integration.  This [...]

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