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Channel Shift and Customer Contact Solutions

For Central Government, Local Government and the Private Sector

Delivering success through innovation with Channel Shift and Digital Transformation linking Telephony, On-Line Digital forms, SMS and Chatbots in a versatile single built application.

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Inform Communications is the most experienced flexible and innovative market leader of Channel Shift and Digital transformation services building industry leading solutions.

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Our integrated Artificial Intelligence Bots are cutting edge, providing intent driven versatile real time interaction 24/7 for your citizens with real time data capture and integration via a comprehensive suite of API’s.

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Omni Channel Self Service

We provide integration of mobile applications, SMS and Web service connectors for enriched user experience

What our customers are saying

We’re proud to provide market leading technology and operational support

Bristol Council

We reduced the volume of calls by 30%, Self Service has proved to be valuable tool in our channel shift strategy.

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City of Edinburgh

Roaring success in terms of providing 24/7 customer service. I am confident our customers are able to access or leave accurate information 24 hours a day.


Sandwell Metropolitan Council

Since implementation the service has answered approximately 23,000 calls per month and successfully retained and resolved 62% of these enquiries, providing the equivalent work of 12 F.T.E’s.

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Complete Suite of Applications

From Environmental to Registrars, From Parking to Blue Badges, Electoral and School admissions. We wil provide the right app to your customer contact flow.

Easy & Safe Payments

Payment application by connection to client portals. Arrange payment arrears over telephone – we have the necessary infrastructure to make it happen.

Customer contact

Meet your customers where they are using their preferred method of contact and use that information to channel shift communication

Channel Shift

As easy as a touch of a button, provide a competitive channel shift solution to delight your customers and save money on traditional methods of contact

Save time and money

Your service is setup and live between 4-6 weeks. It is time to start realising the full savings potentail.

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True Omni-Channel

The service includes a complete library of integrated forms as well as the functionality to link to Council forms for a seamless provision

Apply now New Customer Journey using Inform ChatBot/AI for Self Service using Social Media

We are delighted that Nottingham City Council have renewed for a further 44 months! Here's to a continued great working relationship @Inform_comms #customerjourney

Check out my @LinkedIn article on #automation #futureofwork #Robots #AI #Bots #ChatBots #jobs #tech #JobsForRobots

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